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After We Fell Is All the Steamy

I recently caught up with a series that’s been everywhere for quite some time (hello, two billion Wattpad downloads) and sat down with Anna Todd’s book, After. Sometimes, you just have to see what all the hype’s about. And for all you romance readers (and watchers) out there, I can happily report that even as someone who skips the sex scenes when she reads (my reader brain remains six years old), there is some EPIC romantic tension here that hooks you into the series. And for all those who show up for the R-rated stuff… you’re in for a treat 😉. My nineteen-year-old daughter calls the After series “Fifty Shades of Gray for teenagers.” Haha, I’d like to point out that (to my knowledge) she’s never read Fifty Shades. And also, this is R-rated stuff, so older teens, only.

Okay, so After is book one in the After series, for all those who’re newbies like me. And for all those who’re already long-time Afternators, bear with me, I’m getting to the good stuff — September 3rd is the release of book three’s movie adaptation AFTER WE FELL *tosses confetti* (more on that below).

Executive summary for the newbies: the After series follows Tessa and Hardin, both college freshmen at the start of the series (yay, academia). In a nutshell, Tessa’s the quintessential good girl with an overbearing mom; Hardin’s the bad boy with a troubled past. The chemistry between these two is instant and, let’s go with something like…  magnetic. Because you can feel it while reading, while watching the movies. These two clearly share that elusive soulmate connection, and you want (nay, need) to know what happens next. But Hardin has A LOT of dark stuff swimming around in his psyche, so there’s about a mountain of toxicity that he introduces into the relationship (throughout the series). The movies have mellowed out the toxic-relationship element and Hardin (which I applaud and prefer), but obviously, ALL the juicy, delicious background info is in books.

Still wondering if you should check out the After movies and books? Again, this series is all about the binge-worthy romance vibes. It’s fight, sex, and make-up on repeat. Apart from its two billion (seriously, not a typo, it’s BILLION) Wattpad views, the After series has been translated into 35 languages. And Josephine Langford (sister of 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford) has done an incredible job bringing Tessa to life.

Director Castille Landon shares favorite movements from film.

Directed by Castille Landon, AFTER WE FELL has got a proper R rating (following in the tracks of After sequel After We Collided) and promises all the sex and intense drama we’ve come to love as life-changing decisions and revelations about the past threaten to end Tessa and Hardin’s relationship. And now, the good stuff as promised, for old and soon-to-be Afternators alike: Castille Landon reveals her favorite moments from the film.

AFTER WE FELL hits cinemas September 3rd!


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