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Gift Guide – Middle Grade, Kids, & Gift Books (2019)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Illustrated Edition) by J.K. Rowling

For the one who loves to get lost in fictional worlds.

Because life is better with a pinch of magic.

And if the bookworm you’re shopping for loves to get swept away in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there is no better gift to give this Christmas than this new fully illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

It brings more breathtaking scenes and unforgettable characters to life – including Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum. With paint, pencil and pixels, the wizarding world has been conjoured as we have never seen it before.

Fizzing with magic and brimming with humour, this full-colour edition will captivate fans and new readers alike as Harry, now in his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, finds himself competing in the legendary Triwizard Tournament and facing death-defying tasks, dragons and Dark wizards …

With the original text – complete and unabridged – this gorgeous edition features foiled jacket, head and tail bands, a ribbon marker and illustrated endpapers.

  • Ages 10+
  • Pages 451

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball by Jeff Kinney

For new readers and every other reader too.

Because life is better with belly laughs.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball is the 14th book in the bestselling Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney.

In this funny 14th installment an unexpected inheritance gives the Heffley family a chance to make major improvements to their home. But they soon find that construction isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When things get rough, will the Heffleys be able to stay… or will they be forced to move?

With the Heffleys knee-deep in home renovations, the story will get you laughing about chores, moving, and home improvements.

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 224

The Train to Impossible Places & The Great Brain Robbery by P.G. Bell

For the adventure seeker.

The Impossible Postal Express is  a troll-operated delivery service that runs everywhere from ocean-bottom shipwrecks, to Trollville, to space.

And when it makes an unscheduled stop in Suzy’s living room, the young girl sneaks aboard and finds herself given the job of Deputy Post Master. Now, Suzy embarks on a series of nonstop adventures through magical realms she’s never even dreamed of, populated by people and creatures both friendly—and not so friendly—as she discovers she has a more important mission beyond delivering packages.

  • Ages 9+
  • Pages 364 

The Strangers: Greystone Secrets by Margaret Petterson Haddix

For the amateur sleuth.

Because we’ve all dreamt of discovering parallel worlds.

What makes you you?

The Greystone kids thought they knew. Chess has always been the protector over his younger siblings, Emma who loves math, and Finn, who, well, does what Finn does best—acting silly and being adored. They’ve been a happy family, just the three of them and their mom.

But everything changes when reports of three kidnapped children—who share the same first and middle names, ages, and exact birth dates as the Greystone kids—reach the Greystone family. This bizarre coincidence makes them wonder: Who exactly are these strangers? Before Chess, Emma, and Finn can question their mom about it, she takes off on a mysterious work trip. But puzzling clues left behind lead to complex codes, hidden rooms, and a dangerous secret that will turn their world upside down.

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 416

Greta’s Story – The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet by Valentina Camerini

For the one who’s going to change the world.

Because you are never too young to make a difference.

You may have heard of Greta Thunberg, the schoolgirl whose strikes for the climate have launched a world-wide movement. Your teenager or pre-teen will definitely have heard of Greta. This is her unofficial biography. The story of how a quiet girl from Sweden gained the courage to stand up to the powerful to save the environment and our future.

  • Ages 10+
  • Pages 144

North Child by Edith Pattou

For the adventurer.

Because just like a white bear can rescue a girl, a girl can rescue a white bear and his court.

Rose is an unusual child, a North Child. For Rose was born facing north, and the old stories say she is destined to travel far from home on a dangerous journey. Making a pact with an enormous white bear, Rose travels on his back to a mysterious castle that holds a dark enchantment, a darker temptation, and the key to her true destiny…

A magical fairytale rooted in Scandinavian folklore.

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 512

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

For the one who’s not afraid of no ghosts–and would happily befriend one.

Because what has the power to scare us is really in the eyes of the beholder.

Cassidy Blake’s parents are The Inspecters, a (somewhat inept) ghost-hunting team. But Cass herself can really see ghosts. In fact, her best friend, Jacob, just happens to be one.

When The Inspecters head to ultra-haunted Edinburgh, Scotland, for their new TV show, Cass and Jacob come along. In Scotland, Cass is surrounded by ghosts, not all of them friendly. Then she meets Lara, a girl who can also see the dead. But Lara tells Cassidy that as an In-betweener, their job is to send ghosts permanently beyond the Veil.

Cass isn’t sure about her new mission, but she does know the sinister Red Raven haunting the city doesn’t belong in her world. Cassidy’s powers will draw her into an epic fight that stretches through the worlds of the living and the dead, in order to save herself.

A thrillingly spooky and action-packed tale of hauntings, history, mystery, and the bond between friends (even if that friend is a ghost).

  • Ages 10+
  • Pages 285

In the Key of Code by Aimee Lucido

For the ones who know that you can’t eat a raspberry pi.

Because the raspberry pi is a credit-card sized computer and there’s music found in the languages of coding.

Emmy’s family has just moved from Wisconsin to California so her dad can take a job with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Emmy’s parent’s both are highly musical — a talent that’s apparently skipped her, though she can feel the music humming beneath her skin.  When she ends up in a computer science club, she finds that she can understand code through a language she is familiar with: music. Slowly, Emmy makes friends with Abigail and the two girls start to discover their voices through the programming language of Java. The novel is structured in free-verse, and begins to incorporate Java’s syntax and concepts as Emmy, and ultimately the reader, learns to think in code. By the end, Emmy doesn’t feel like a wrong note, but like a musician in the world’s most beautiful symphony.

An original, inventive and heart-warming novel about coding and music and an unlikely friendship.

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 416

Guinness World Records 2020

For the one who’s always got all the answers.

Because how else would we know that the world’s largest pizza would cover the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The ultimate snapshot of our world today and full of new and newly broken records from around the globe, the world’s most popular record book is back with thousands of new categories.

Plus, you can jump into both the making and record-breaking action with a “Do Try This At Home” section. Challenge yourself and your family with fun record-breaking ideas you can attempt involving blindfolded bottle flips and speed-solving a Rubik’s Cube. Who knows, your creation might just make it into the record books!

  • Ages 7+
  • Pages 255

Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders by Kate Pankhurst

For the one who’s going to change the world.

Because it’s impossible not to be inspired.

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a BIG question that everyone is asked from an early age. Discover eye-opening facts about a collection of go-getting women who have pioneered careers in a kaleidoscope of different industries. Join scientists, doctors, athletes, hot-air balloonists and more, journey back in time with these brave, bold and brilliant women and discover that anything is possible when you make the most of YOUR talents. 

Prepare yourself for a celebration of women who opened doors and made it possible for more women to achieve amazing things today. Overflowing with beautiful illustrations and astounding facts, Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders is the perfect introduction to just a few of the most incredible women who helped shape the world we live in.

  • Ages 5+
  • Pages 31

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Afrikaans edition) Wegkomkans by Jeff Kinney

Vir nuwe lesers en elke ander leser ook.

Want om te lag in hierdie lewe is better.

Greg Heffley en sy gesin kies koers uit die dorp. Met die koue weer en die druk van die naderende vakansietyd, besluit die Heffleys om na ’n oord op ’n tropiese eiland te ontvlug om ’n slaggie te rus en uit te span. ’n Paar dae in die paradys behoort wondere vir Greg en sy doodmoeë gesin te verrig.

Maar die Heffl eys ontdek spoedig die paradys is nie alles wat mens daarvan hoor nie. Sonsteek, ’n maagaandoening en giftige goggas dreig om die gesin se vakansie te bederf.

Kan hulle reis gered word, of gaan hierdie eilandbesoek op ’n ramp uitloop?

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 217

Trevor Noah Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

For the one who’s going to change the world.

Because life is tough and it’s lighter when it’s shared as through the lens of others.

This moving memoir is filled with proudly South African stories that will entertain and inspire. Born a Crime is the perfect book for thought-provoking debates and insightful discussions about South African history, facing challenges, being a teenager and living in a culturally diverse society.

Trevor shares what his life was like growing up. The stories he tells in this book will make you laugh, cry and fill you with wonder and inspiration as you learn how this mischievous young boy used his quick wits and humour to get through his day-to-day life. Against all odds and with his mother’s unfailing love and belief in him, Trevor overcame many obstacles to create a promising future for himself. 

  • Ages 11+
  • Pages 304

Frostheart by Jamie Littler

For the adventure seeker.

Because having a yeti as a guardian really is a giant buzz kill.

All aboard for a sleigh ride that has nothing to do with Santa! A dark, magical mission to explore a monstrous wintry world. Way out in the furthest reaches of the known world, a tiny stronghold exists all alone. Why is it so lonely? It’s cut off from human-kind by the hideous monsters that lurk beneath the Snow Sea. There, a little boy called Ash waits for the return of his parents, singing a forbidden lullaby to remind him of them. But when Ash finds out he has magical powers, he’s whisked aboard the Frostheart – a sleigh packed full of daring explorers. They need his help to explore the terrifying Snow Sea. Could they also help Ash find his parents?

A brilliantly wintry and magical fantasy adventure.

  • Ages 8+
  • Pages 448

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

For the one who loves to get lost in fictional worlds.

Because who hasn’t very nearly tripped and dropped down a rabbit hole.

Originally published in 1865, Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass have remained revered classics for generations. This keepsake edition, illustrated by the award-winning Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima’s through their unique and exquisite MinaLima lens opens up the stories in extraordinary new ways. A treasure of a gift both kids and adults will love with stunning full-color artwork and several interactive features.

  • Ages 7+
  • Pages 314


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